Pam Erickson

Primary Medium: Mixed media
Other media: Found material, Ceramic, Photography, Sculpture

Tags : recycled, assemblage

Pam Erickson Studio

Email: rkndvs (at) aol (dot) com


Artist Statement
We are forever evolving and reforming ourselves as we create our art,
Driven by inspiration we follow the rhythms of nature,
progressing on our journey.
The journey that I am on has evolved into a kind of subtle game,
playing with each material as it instructs me how it might wish to be interpreted.

My works are (for the most part) very personal,
containing photos from my childhood, the hair from our cats and dogs,
the shed skin of our pet iguana, the bones of chickens fed to my friends
and family plus perhaps the most intimate, the threads, hair and the very DNA tangled up in the lint from the dryer.

I've always been entranced, inspired and amused by nature's variety and a
voracious collector of all things curious. By living with these "artifacts" (sometimes for years until their new role becomes obvious)
I am compelled to re-invent their purpose and transform them
with my craft and my imagination.

Selected Works

Self Portrait with Grapes - 2011 - digital photography, thread, lipstick - 24.5"x18"

On the Level - 2009 - clay, vintage photos, found objects, acrylic - 14"x14"

Ninth Lizard Shed (photo series) - 2008 - digital photograph - variable

One of a series of photgraphs taken of one of the "Lizard Sheds" that I crafted from the sloughed skin of our pet iguana.

Circus Wishes - 2011 - mixed - 19.5"x9"x4"

Masked Mask - 1998 - clay, steel wire, found objects, acrylic - 15"x13"x7.5"

Mermaid's Purse - 1997 - ceramic and mixed media - 17"x7"

Fifth Ticket Quilt - 2010 - paper tickets, thread, gold leaf - 44"x44"

Crystal Snow Shoe - 2012 - mixed media - 18"x11"x8"

Created specifically for Artspace "Crystal Anniversary" I collected crystal and glass objects from tag sales and thrift shops and combined them with decorative crystals, jewels and little lights to build this sculpture. This peice will be on view at Artspace. I am in the process of making another peice with the rest of my "finds" that I will be exhibiting at CWOS Alternative Space.



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