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john keefer

john keefer
New Haven: Westville area
Claudia Cron
Paint, Drawing

Claudia Cron, Artist
Essex, CT
Meredith Miller

36 Shady Hill Lane
Glastonbury, CT
Scott Schuldt
Ink, Drawing

Milford, CT
Christopher O'Flaherty
Mixed media, Drawing, Pen, Printmaking

Griswold, CT
Kevin Van Aelst
Photography, Sculpture, Installation

93 Olive
New Haven, CT
Cynthia Back
Printmaking, Mixed media

Cynthia Back
Lansdowne, PA
Chris Perry
Sculpture, Bookbinding

Ridgefield, CT
Pat Goldstein
Mixed media, Printmaking

West Haven, CT
Gabriela Margarita De Jesus
Photography, Paint

De Jesus
New Haven, CT



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