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Friday, October 31, 2014

Artist: Phil Lique

Title: Untitled (website take over)

Date: 2014

Medium: Artspace website, gifs

For the run of Vagaries of the Commons, on display from July 25 to September 13, 2014, Artspace invites artist Phil Lique to take over the home page of their website. The website was developed by an independent programmer in the 1990’s when designers wrote custom code, so Lique's invasion is limited to the landscape of the existing code.  The commission relates to the exhibition by exploring the landscape of the digital commons, which similarly began as an open terrain and is increasingly privatized by businesses and individuals working with programmers and graphic designers to establish a territory, audience, merchant network and brand. 

Lique’s interest in new media and the aesthetics of obsolescence make him the perfect instigator in this risky project.  Recently he has started to experiment with the time-based language of animated gifs.  He is specifically interested in the inherent grid that underlies internet-based work.  Just as a rectangular canvas presents a grid, so does a computer screen.  For his take-over debut, Lique has added a candy colored floral motif that flickers and disrupts the minimal graphic nature of the site.

This project emphasizes the extent to which arts organization depend on clean web design to communicate to their audiences.  By upsetting the standard composition, the project reveals how daily changes might disrupt and challenge a viewer's experience.  The project raises questions about what we have come to expect from art institutions.  Do we react differently to the physical space of Artspace if we distrust its digital space?  Alternatively, might Lique's invasion open up new terrain for experimentation within the visual arts?


Friday, October 31, 2014

Artist: focuslessness

Title: "I'm Open Come On In" 

Date: 2014

Materials: database of texts, PHP, Javascript, HTML, web browser, computer, keyboard, Artspace staff, vinyl lettering on sandwich board

Website: http://focuslessness.com/sign/ 



focuslessness is a writing/art collective that experiments with ways of generating, composing, displaying, processing, publishing and using language. The group was founded in Buenos Aires in 2012 by Milton Laüfer (an Argentine writer, computer programmer, and digital artist currently living in Brooklyn) and Michael Romano (an American writer currently living in New Haven).


For the extent of the exhibition, Laüfer and Romano take over Artspace’s sandwich board, which usually displays a “We’re Open” sign and the hours of operation.  A computer program developed by Laüfer generates a daily text, drawn from Romano’s personal notes.  The project explores how language is developed for public spaces and public mechanisms of display.  By adding poetry to a utilitarian site, the board explores how affect may enter the commons.  Viewers may visit the project website to generate their own daily text that moves in and out of sight with the speed of stranger walking by.





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