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November 13 – December 23, 2004

Nighttime Projection: Aidan Moran: Serious Nonsense

A rotating slide show in Artspace’s Crown St. facing window everynight that highlights all the funny and quirky aspects of America that are taken for granted.

Flatfile: Secret Life
Curated by Laurel Coniglio
Featuring: Chloe Atreya, Jeffrey Benjamin, Christine Darnell, Judy Gelles, Lia Halloran, Sun Kwak, Sarah Oppenheimer, Amy Pryor, Jessica Schwind, Eve Stockton.

Project Room: Andrew Neumann (MA)
Neumann’s Industrial Panels show the divide between analogue and digital technology by presenting a series of works that look hi-tech but which in reality are not. Each piece has moving elements that show video or record the world around him.

untitled (space): Enchantment
Curated by Michela Griffo and Denise Markonish
An exhibition of works that is characterized by a quality of enchantment. Dealing with the dichotomous notions of the term, these works present the fairy tale and the nightmare vision, as well as the clash between these two. Featuring: Kathleen Bitetti (MA), Koichi Enomoto (NY), Fred Fleisher (NY), Michela Griffo (CT), Karyn Kirk (MA), Lori Nix (NY), William Powhida (NY), Daniel Amazu Wasser (CT), Joan Fitzsimmons (CT) and Sarah Emerson (NY).

October 14 – April 12, 2005

Christopher Fennell (Washington, DC): Tree Dome

Fennell searched the nearby city, especially areas being gentrified, to gather interesting old wood headed for the landfill. These boards were nailed together to form 4 square columns 10 feet tall. These columns branched out into a latticework pattern and made a dome.

July 16 – September 18, 2004

Curated by Willard Lustenader. Featuring Marion Belanger, Asa Chibas, Tim Davis, Emily Eveleth, Robert hirsh, Martin Kruck, Sonia Targontsidis and others.

Mary Dwyer: Benedict Arnold, Druggist and Bookseller

This project takes the form of a painted narrative illustrating Benedict Arnold from his childhood in Norwich to his move to New Haven where he opened an Apothecary Shop on Chapel St. The show will include 10 paintings and the gallery walls will be painting in colonial yellow with historic stenciled designs. A black signs with gold letters reading “B. Arnold Druggist & Book Seller” will hang at the entrance, there will also be copies of hand written notes from his Apothecary ledger.

Boys Life
Curated by Denise Makonish
An exhibition of works dealing with stereotypically male activities such as fishing, rock n’ roll, war reenactments and machines. This show traveled to Evos Art in Lowell, Ma and then to Space 538 in Portland, ME. Featuring: Mark Andreas, Stephen Jacobs, Andy Mowbray, and Joseph Wardwell.

Danny O: The Ball Project
The Ball Project was created over a three-week residency period in which 12 students from New Haven Public Schools (list schools) collaborated with North Adams, MA based artist Danny O, as part of Artspace’s Summer Apprenticeship Program. The group collected a series of balls for the creation of a large-scale installation that after its times in the Artspace Gallery will be publicly installed in Boston, MA in the fall. The project addresses issues of recycling and also includes collages of found materials made by the students.


May 15 – September 18, 2004

A.M. Lilly: v i s c o s i t y

A.M. Lilly's sculptures manipulate perceptions of material, space, and time.  She builds precisely engineered and controlled systems to create movement that is fluid, random, and mysterious.  Her sculptures function as instruments to make steel appear permeable, space thickened, time slowed.

May 15 – June 26, 2004

Project Room: Prison Arts Program 2004: Think about AIDS.

Inmates at Osborn Correctional Institution have created twelve two panel "talking" paintings of their thoughts and experiences concerning HIV/AIDS. The work includes short viewer activated audio statements from the artists concerning their work and this health issue.

untitled (space): Inverted Worlds
Inverted world highlights artists that are dealing with macrocosms and microcosms through the exploration of systems, shifting scale, and invented worlds. Featuring: Noriko Ambe, Stephen Bitterolf, Susan Graham, Kelly Kaczynski, Marco Maggi, Cristi Rinklin, Cort Sierpinski, Leslie Snipes, Tom Stavovy, and Sarah Walker. Curated by Rachael A. Vaters-Carr.

April 18 - May 14, 2004

untitled (space): Treasure Maps
Curated by Janine Antoni. This selection of works was drawn from a wide range of images that present visual thinking from outside the field of fine art. Like treasure maps the images in this exhibition were viewed with only a suspicion of the treaure to which they might lead. Featuring Earle Brown, Chitra Ganesh, Tim R. Riley, Michael Schumacher, Elizabeth Streb, Vinzenz Unger.

Jan 17 – Apr 17, 2004

Artspace Lounge: Cathy McLaurin: What haunts...
An interactive installation that explores secrets, their universality and how powerful they can be. Read others' secrets and contribute your own anonymously.

Jan 17 – Feb 28, 2004

Project Room: Joseph Smolinski: Energy potential
An audio/visual installation of projected video onto a wall of fiber optic cables that transmit light to illuminate an artificial 3D landscape.

For the Birds
An exploration into the fascination with birds and bird imagery in contemporary art. Featuring: Jeffrey Benjamin, Rachel Berwick, Kathleen Bitetti, Meryl Blinder, Gail Boyajian, Bob Braine, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Ambreen Butt, Ann Craven, Linda Darling, Deborah Davidovits, Mark Dion, Rebecca Doughty, Daniel Dueck, Jesseca Ferguson, Walton Ford, Michael Gitlin, Natalie Jeremijenko, John Keefer, Anthony Lepore, Neeta Madahar, Christopher Mir, John Newsom Michael Oatman, Paul Plante, Ernesto Pujol, Amy Jean Porter, Alexis Rockman, Amy Ross, Kathryn Spence, Fred Tomaselli, and Karl Unnasch. Curated by Denise Markonish.


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